Limo San Diego

Limo Kings Service Contract      

Welcome to Limo Kings Limousine Service. Your vehicle has been inspected by your driver and management prior to your pick up. Prior damage has been noted and recorded for your protection and safety. You(the customer) are encouraged to inspect and confirm the condition of your limousine prior to use. This vehicle will be re-inspected upon conclusion of our engagement, by you, the driver and our management. Therefore, any new damages will be the responsibility of yourself and your party. You will be charged for all repairs and any unusual cleaning that was caused by you or anyone in your party.

A deposit amount will be determined at the time of booking and is required to secure the date of your engagement. This deposit is payable by VISA/MC/ DISC, cashiers check, or money order. Personal checks will be accepted as long as there is ample time to clear before engagement. In case of cancellation, deposit refunds will not be  given unless special arrangements in writing(or email) were made prior to cancellation. If less than a weeks notice is given when cancelling, client is responsible for the full balance of the job booked.  Special events like proms, winter formals, and holidays will not offer a refund for cancellation even if it more than weeks notice unless arrangements in writing(or email) were made prior to cancellation and client will be responsible for the full amount of booked job.

For your safety, we ask that ALL BODY PARTS remain inside of the passenger cabin at all times while the vehicle is in motion. The sunroof is an emergency exit only and is not to be tampered with. A $100 charge plus any damages will be charged for tampering with the emergency exit or hanging out the windows(or throwing things out the windows). For safety reasons, the driver is responsible for opening and closing doors. If you or someone from your party opens a door and causes any damage, you will be charged for it.

It is unlawful for minors to drink alcohol. If caught, we have the right to cancel the job immediately with no refund of the whole reserved job. At the drivers discretion, the passengers will be dropped off at a safe area.

There is zero tolerance for any physical or mental abuse to the driver. This includes rough housing in the back of the limousine. At the drivers discretion, the job will be cancelled with no refund or certain individuals will be asked to leave at the drivers discretion.

There is a $300 minimum charge for vomiting(or other bodily fluids)  in the limousine and $100 if gets only on the outside of the limousine. This is necessary due to the costly cleaning, and the time the car cannot be used. The job will immediately end and client is responsible for the full amount of booked job. When someone is sick, the client must inform the driver immediately. If the driver has to find out for himself, the fine is doubled.

We do not permit smoking in any of our vehicles. Failure to comply is $100 fine to be paid immediately per incident. Glaucoma patients may speak to driver about any individual needs.

A transfer is a pick-up and drop-off from point A to point B. Waiting time will be charged by the minute(rate will be determined by transfer fee divided by 60).  Any other detours will be charge accordingly by the minute.

Limo Kings is not responsible for unforeseen traffic, weather, or breakdown. We will leave for pick-up in a responsible manner to pick you up on time, but we are not responsible for being late for the reasons above. Of course, we will not start your time until we are at your door. In case of breakdown, Limo Kings will do it’s best to get a comparable vehicle substitution at are discretion.

We are not responsible for any forgotten, left, lost, damaged or stolen articles in the vehicle at any given time.

We only go to Mexico if reserved in advance and we have time to get the proper Mexico insurance policy, and possible security escort. The customer is responsible to pay for the extra insurance, possible security escort and all extra driving time through border traffic(after drop off in Mexico) until driver is back in the U.S.

The client agrees to pay for any extra cleaning fees due to client neglect. If you treat the limo like your “Grandmothers Living Room”, there should be no need for extra cleaning fees. However, if the carpets are wet, a steam cleaning fee will be charged. If there is excess trash neglect on the carpet, a $25 vacuum fee will be charged. If excess glitter is left on the seats or carpet, a $25 cleaning fee will be charged. Missing or broken glasses will be charged $10 each and decanters $40. The client is responsible for any and all damages and gives permission to charge their card on file.

Overtime will be charged at contracted rates when available(no back to back jobs). In the occasion of “emergency” overtime, the client will have the choice of being dropped off at the first safe area(like a gas station), or agreeing to pay emergency overtime rates which could be as much as 10 times the contracted hourly charge. These rates will be charged by the minute to make up for the negligence of our limo being late to it’s next job and discounting or refunding charges to the next client.  

I have read, understand, and agree to all of the above terms and conditions. If  I, or any of my party, should default on any of the above terms or conditions, the rental agreement will be terminated without refund. Further, I take full responsibility for any and all contracted costs, damages, and all collection fees to recover fees caused by myself, or anyone in my party.